Court Secrecy Threatens American Lives

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It isn’t just happening within the auto industry – lives all over the country are put at risk by court secrecy for various reasons. It is often the makers and sellers of defective products that seek to seal important court documents that could prevent the injury and deaths of uninformed consumers.

It is usually the case that these companies and corporations are more interested in covering up their wrong-doing, rather than keeping the public safe. And it is not just dangerous, defective products that institutions are trying to keep hidden from view. USA Today says it best: “The Catholic Church kept settlements secret for decades, protecting pedophile priests. Secrecy has shielded negligent doctors. It has hidden dangerous drugs, gas tanks that ignited in collisions and, most recently, exploding air bags.” Abuse, negligence, and more has been sealed by U.S. courts for years, putting American lives at risk every day.

Keeping important information from consumers is a serious problem at this time in our country. USA Today reports that federal anti-secrecy legislation has stalled on Capitol Hill, while more court documents are sealed every day.