Should you or a family member be a victim of sexual abuse, it's possible to initiate a civil lawsuit against the culpable individuals or organizations.

Although a lawsuit can't alter what has happened, initiating a civil lawsuit can aid in preventing sexual offenders from causing harm to others in the future and also offer financial recompense.

You're Not Alone

We're here to assist. We can support victims of sexual abuse of all ages, encompassing children, adults, and adults who suffered abuse during their childhood.

Often, these sexual offenders exploited their authoritative roles such as clergy, educators, club supervisors, neighbors, family members, rideshare operators, or other adults.

Why Should You Consider a Civil Lawsuit for Sexual Assault?

Victims of sexual assault or abuse have the right to take legal action against their abusers in a civil court. The court system provides the option of a civil lawsuit for sexual abuse survivors, which could lead to financial recompense for their trauma. Although no sum of money can erase the past, achieving justice can provide some relief for the future and safeguard others from similar harm.

Making Institutions Answerable

In certain situations, a civil lawsuit can be filed against institutions and their representatives, such as clergy or school officials, along with the individual who committed the assault.

For instance, if the abuse took place at a Catholic Church or a parochial school managed by an archdiocese, that organization could also be held accountable due to their failure to ensure proper supervision or security in the presence of known sexual offenders.

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