At Brayton Purcell LLP, our focus is on workers suffering from asbestos-related diseases, such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, other cancer, and asbestosis, as well as artificial stone fabrication workers suffering from silicosis, lung cancer, and other silica-related diseases. We also focus on workers suffering all other workplace-related injuries and diseases.

When you suffer an injury while performing your duties at work, it’s crucial to understand that you are not left without recourse. Workers’ compensation is a system specifically designed to support employees who have been injured on the job, providing them with the necessary resources to recover and, when possible, return to work. Pursuing a workers’ compensation claim can be the key to securing the compensation you need to address your injuries and the impacts they have on your life.

For those dealing with severe injuries, the complexity of workers’ compensation claims can be daunting. This is where the expertise of a seasoned attorney becomes invaluable. A specialized workers’ compensation attorney can offer comprehensive support throughout the claim process. From strategizing your case and gathering critical evidence to support your claim, to managing all the relevant deadlines and representing you in any necessary hearings before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, a legal expert can ensure that your claim remains on the right track.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In states like California, the law mandates employers to provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees who sustain injuries while on the job. These benefits serve as a safety net, encompassing a range of support measures:

  1. Medical Care: Coverage for all necessary medical treatment related to your work injury, ensuring you receive the care you need for recovery.
  2. Temporary Disability Benefits: Compensation for lost wages if your injury prevents you from performing your usual job duties during the recovery period.
  3. Permanent Disability Benefits: If your injuries result in lasting limitations that affect your ability to work, you may be eligible for payments that acknowledge these long-term impacts.
  4. Vocational Rehabilitation: For those who cannot return to their previous employment due to their injuries, vocational rehabilitation services may be offered to help in finding new employment or retraining for a different position.
  5. Death Benefits: In the unfortunate event of a worker’s death due to a job-related injury or illness, dependents, including certain family members and good-faith members of the household, may be entitled to compensation.

The Role of a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Navigating the workers’ compensation system can be challenging, especially when you’re recovering from an injury. Issues such as dissatisfaction with the medical care provided by your employer’s designated physician, or difficulties in securing the timely payment of benefits, can significantly complicate your situation. This is where a workers’ compensation attorney can make a significant difference. A dedicated legal team will focus on maximizing your benefits and ensuring you receive the medical care you need.

At Brayton Purcell LLP, our extensive experience in managing workers’ compensation claims stands us apart. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of work-related injuries, including those resulting from asbestos exposure, silica exposure, beryllium exposure, construction accidents, and repetitive stress injuries. We possess a deep understanding of the complexities associated with asbestos-related and silica-related illnesses and are adept at exploring all potential avenues beyond just workers’ compensation claims to ensure you receive the full spectrum of entitlements available to you.

If you’ve suffered an employment-related injury, it’s crucial to understand your legal rights and the benefits you may be entitled to. Brayton Purcell LLP is committed to providing you with the information and guidance you need to navigate this challenging time. If you have an employment-related injury, please feel free to contact Brayton Purcell LLP today to learn more about your legal rights.