Injuries Caused by Vaping

Many vape users have developed serious, and sometimes fatal, injuries as a result of vaping. As of September of 2019, health officials have reported six deaths and more than 450 patients suffering from lung injuries as a result of vaping.

Vaping companies have marketed their products as safe alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes. However, products like JUUL contain higher doses of nicotine and many other toxic chemicals that are associated with respiratory and heart diseases. Doctors believe that injuries from vaping are most likely associated with the toxic chemicals inhaled while using the devices. JUUL specifically contains glycerol, propylene glycol, benzoic acid, and flavorings in addition to nicotine. Below are some of the listed side effects of some of these chemicals:

  • Glycerol: headaches, dizziness, bloating, nausea, vomiting, thirst, and diarrhea
  • Propylene Glycol: heart attack, kidney and liver failure, seizures, nausea, and vertigo
  • Benzoic Acid: Eye damage, skin irritation, irritation to nose, throat, and lungs

If your child has ingested liquid nicotine, call 911, and get medical assistance immediately. Afterward, consult with a knowledgeable attorney regarding your options for recovery against the negligent companies that failed to childproof their dangerous products. You can schedule a consultation with our lawyers online or by calling us at  800-598-0314.

Vaping Companies are Targeting our Children

Vaping is becoming more popular among children and teens because of the devices’ small size as they are easy to hide from parents and teachers. In 2018, 4.9 percent of middle schoolers and 20.8 percent of high schoolers reported using vapes.

Vaping cartridges for devices like JUUL contain approximately twice the nicotine concentration as regular cigarettes which make them highly addictive to young, developing brains that are more sensitive to addictive behaviors.

Many companies that make the flavorings for vapes that are designed specifically to be misleading and attractive to kids. Labels vape flavorings often resemble popular products kids love such as: breakfast cereals, candy, cookies, fruit juices, and sodas. The CDC reported that these flavorings are one of the major factors in why nicotine use is attractive to kids. Around 60 percent of kids using JUUL thought that they were only inhaling flavoring and that the product was nicotine-free.

Learn More About Vaping Risks

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