Utah is home to tremolite, actinolite, calcite, and pyrite mines containing asbestos. Other mineral mines in the state also often contained asbestos.

Workers were also exposed to asbestos through steel and copper refineries, sugar manufacturers, and canning factories. Additionally, exposure also happened at power plants and oil refineries.

Asbestos Jobsites

Tremolite and actinolite were mined at the Big Pass Group mines in Beaver County.

The Tremolite No. 1 Mine was the state’s only mine dedicated specifically to asbestos. Contaminated mines in Utah included Highland Boy Mine, the Pack Rat Tremolite Prospect, and the King David Mine.

Asbestos from W.R. Grace’s vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana, was processed at two facilities in Salt Lake City. These plants were located next to Utah Power and Light. Utah Power and Light purchased part of one of the refining facilities.

Soil and gravel at the Utah Power and Light facility was found to contain asbestos. In 2004, the EPA launched an abatement project. However, the station remained open and employees continued to work through the renovations.

Other Known Locations for Asbestos Exposure:

  • Big Sandwash Reservoir Hydro
  • Bloomington Power Plant
  • Castle Gate/Carbon Power Plant
  • Desert Power LP
  • Ephraim City Hydro Plant No. 3
  • Gadsby Power Plant
  • Geneva Steel Mill
  • Heber Light and Power Company
  • Hunter Power Plant
  • Huntington Power Plant
  • Intermountain Power Project
  • Intermountain Waste Oil Refinery
  • Lagoon Cogeneration Facility
  • Lake Side Power Plant
  • Lone Peak Partners Power
  • Metropolitan Hall of Justice
  • Millcreek Power Generation
  • Murray Turbine
  • Naughton Power Plant
  • Nebo Power Station
  • North Salt Lake Refinery
  • Quail Creek Hydro Plant #1
  • Salt Lake City Circuit Court
  • Salt Lake City District Court
  • Salt Lake City Refinery
  • Salt Lake Metro Jail
  • Sunnyside Cogen Associates
  • Wasatch Energy Systems
  • Woods Cross Refinery

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