Asbestos Lung Disease and Lymphoma from Asbestos Exposure

Portland Worker Awarded $1.5 Million for Injuries Caused by Asbestos–Containing Products

Portland, OR — September 3, 1999 — After three weeks of trial, a Multnomah County jury awarded $1.502 million in damages to 71–year old Robert Bush, a longtime Portland resident. Mr. Bush has been diagnosed with both asbestos–related lung disease and non–Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. Mr. Bush was exposed to asbestos-containing building products manufactured by the defendant Kaiser Gypsum Company.

At trial, Mr. Bush described how he was exposed to Kaiser Gypsum building products while working as a “hod carrier” for contractors at various job sites throughout the Portland region from 1956 through 1986. Mr. Bush was never warned about any danger associated with asbestos, despite the evidence presented at trial that Kaiser Gypsum knew of the danger at least by 1965, if not dating back to their founding in 1952.

“This is a tremendous victory for Mr. Bush and other persons who have been injured by asbestos-containing products,” said Mr. Bush’s asbestos attorney, Gil Purcell. Mr. Purcell, a partner with Brayton Purcell LLP, stated that this is one of the highest verdicts to date for a victim of non–Hodgkin’s lymphoma attributed to asbestos exposure.

The 3–week-long trial was conducted before Judge Anna J. Brown of the Oregon Circuit Court in Multnomah County. Mr. Bush’s cancer is currently in remission. The verdict included $402,953 in economic damages as pled by Plaintiffs in their complaint, plus $500,000 in non–economic damages and $600,000 to compensate Mr. Bush for living with the fear of again contracting cancer due to his exposure to Kaiser Gypsum products.