Learning that you or someone you care deeply about has cancer can be terrifying. You know that nothing will ever be the same. Your life will definitely change as you prepare to fight this battle. Learning that your cancer is mesothelioma can make you even more upset because you know it developed due to your exposure to asbestos. The companies responsible for exposing you to this dangerous material should be held legally accountable.

A seasoned attorney with experience negotiating mesothelioma settlements can help you pursue a legal claim against the manufacturers or distributors of the asbestos products. At Brayton Purcell L.L.P., we are here to help you pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

Where Asbestos Exposure Can Occur

Most mesothelioma cases involve people who were exposed to asbestos through their jobs. People who work in certain jobs or industries are more at risk. Most commonly, employees in the following sectors face more asbestos exposure:

  • Shipyards
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Power plants
  • Construction, including installation of insulation
  • Paper mills
  • Textile mills
  • Oil refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Metalworks plants
  • Others

In addition, some people develop mesothelioma because contractors used materials containing asbestos in the initial construction of their homesschools, or other buildings. Others develop it even if they have only secondary exposure to asbestos through, for example, a family member or housemate whose clothes or shoes contain fibers of the substance.

Because mesothelioma symptoms can take decades to manifest, it can be challenging to determine precisely where a person suffered asbestos exposure. A lawyer with experience in mesothelioma cases can perform a detailed investigation in pursuit of a settlement. They can diligently review a claimant’s work and living history. They know where to look and are familiar with the industries with a history of asbestos exposure.

Settlements in Mesothelioma Cases

An experienced lawyer can help a mesothelioma patient pursue a settlement in civil court with an asbestos-related company. Or, if the asbestos-related company has filed for bankruptcy, the company may have set up trust funds to compensate victims of asbestos exposure. A seasoned attorney can help a patient file a claim for a compensation settlement with the trustees.

With a settlement, the claimant and their family can take advantage of the financial recovery sooner and use that money to pay for advanced medical treatments and help their family.

Reach Out to an Attorney to Learn More About Mesothelioma Settlements

If you or your loved one recently received a mesothelioma diagnosis, a knowledgeable attorney could fight for your right to fair compensation. A dedicated team of attorneys knows how to obtain mesothelioma settlements that could help your family financially. The legal team could investigate to prove your asbestos exposure and then negotiate with the asbestos company or their trustees to get you the best possible compensation.

A settlement could give you immediate access to the best medical care and quell your financial worries. This could allow you to focus on your health and what really matters. Reach out to our legal team today to get started.