[Verdict] $70 Million for Retired Machinist Mate and Nuclear Inspector

Recently, an Alameda jury awarded a verdict against John Crane Inc., an asbestos packing and gasket manufacturer. The jury found John Crane guilty of negligence, defective design, and the failure to warn Mr. Robert Whalen of the dangers of their asbestos products. Mr. Whalen was awarded $70,861,113.00 by the jury, of which John Crane Inc. is 3% responsible.

Mr. Whalen served in the Navy aboard nuclear submarines as a machinist mate and nuclear inspector from 1964 to 1990. During this period of time, asbestos companies had extensive knowledge about the dangers of asbestos exposure and the diseases it can cause.

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Mr. Whalen was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a fatal form of cancer whose only known cause is asbestos exposure, in December of 2013. His wife, Linda Whalen, filed the lawsuit with him. The jury awarded Mrs. Whalen $30 million in loss of consortium damages, while Mr. Whalen received $40 million in non-economic damages. $861,113 was awarded by the jury for economic damages.

“John Crane, Inc.’s defense relied heavily on misleading studies, funded by the asbestos industry, designed to artificially create doubt where none exists,” said Jennifer L. Alesio, counsel for Mr. Whalen. “It is my sincere hope that Mr. Whalen and Mrs. Whalen will be comforted during his remaining time on this earth knowing that the jury was able to make their way to the truth and hold John Crane Inc. accountable for their contribution in causing his terrible disease.”

Associates Jennifer L. Alesio, Esq. and Heather-Ann Young, Esq., and senior trial partner Gilbert L. Purcell, of Brayton Purcell LLP, were trial counsel for the Whalens.

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