Brayton Purcell LLP’s 2014 Court Successes

Brayton Purcell partners

We have had an amazing year here at Brayton Purcell LLP – from volunteering at local nonprofits to defending victims in the court room, we have managed to keep ourselves quite busy. Want to see our most memorable cases of 2014? Check out our 2014 Court Success page.

Included on the page are some of these big wins:

Robert & Linda Whalen vs. John Crane, Inc.
Civil Jury Trial
Superior Court: Alameda (Hayward), California
Judge: Hon. ia Kolakowski
Trial Type: Negligence – Products Liability – Mesothelioma
Verdict: $70,861,113
September-October 2014

Gloria McClain, et al. v. Asbestos Corp. Ltd., et al.
Civil Jury Trial
Superior Court: San Francisco
Judge: Hon. John K. Stewart
Trial Type: Wrongful Death­­­ Mesothelioma
Case resolved during plaintiffs’ case in chief
Total aggregate settlements = $8,284,933
July 2014

Tajie Major v. Lorillard Tobacco Company, et al.
Civil Jury Trial
Los Angeles Superior Court
Judge: Hon. Amy Hogue – Dept 322
Trial Type: Wrongful Death – Product liability/Negligence – Lung Cancer from using Kent and Newport brand cigarettes
Verdict: $17,736,700 (Jury Poll 12-0)
June/July 2014

Kenneth Sawyer et ux v. Certainteed Corporation, et al.
Civil Jury Trial
Alameda County – Pleasanton Branch Superior Court
Judge: Hon. Julia Spain
Trial Type: Products Liability/Negligence/Contractor Liability – Personal Injury/Loss of Consortium – Fire Sprinkler Fitter – Lung Cancer
Case resolved after jury selection at start of Opening Statements in excess of $1,500,000 as to all case defendants.
Feb-April 2014

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