The da Vinci surgical system has been used on more than 3 million patients worldwide. It is meant to be a minimally invasive surgery because the robotic technology is able to operate through small incisions.

The technology is able to mimic a surgeon’s hand movements using a 3D high-definition vision system. Intuitive Surgical, Inc., manufacturer of the da Vinci surgical system, claims that your surgeon is 100 percent in control of the system at all times.

Unfortunately, despite these claims, many patients have suffered serious injuries — or even death — after the da Vinci system malfunctioned during their surgeries. In fact, thousands of mishaps involving the da Vinci system have been reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), with many of these mishaps resulting in serious injury to patients.

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다빈치 수술 시스템 오작동의 오랜 역사

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tracks reports of injuries associated with the da Vinci surgical system. These reports include various mechanical problems that have occurred during surgeries, including malfunctioning arms, control freezes, and electrical problems, just to name a few.

오작동이 심각하여 시스템을 다시 시작해야 하거나 외과의가 직접 시술에 의존해야 하는 경우도 있었습니다. 이러한 오작동으로 인해 많은 사람이 심각한 부상을 당하고 다른 사람은 사망에 이르게 되었습니다. da Vinci 오작동과 관련된 부상은 다음과 같습니다.

  • 장기에 대한 심각한 손상/손상
  • 감염
  • 내부 흉터
  • 내부 출혈

우리 변호사는 다빈치 수술 시스템의 피해자가 정의를 추구하도록 도울 수 있습니다

While there is no way to prevent injuries that have already occurred, victims of the da Vinci surgical system may be able to seek some measure of justice through a civil suit. To learn more about your legal options, including a possible da Vinci robotic surgery lawsuit, contact the lawyers at Brayton Purcell today. You have rights, and we can help enforce them. With offices in California and throughout the country, our da Vinci surgical system lawyers represent clients throughout the U.S.

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