April 15, 2024

The Wilsonart Paradox: Progress at What Cost?

Wilsonart LLC, a titan in the world of high-pressure laminates and engineered surfaces, has charted a course of aggressive growth and innovation since its inception in 1956. With a portfolio boasting an array of products from Chemsurf® to THINSCAPE® Performance Tops, Wilsonart has positioned itself as a leader in surface solutions. However, beneath the sheen of these accomplishments lies a complex web of environmental, ethical, and market concerns.
April 1, 2024

Piedra Fina Marble, Inc. Falls Short of Providing Adequate Warnings for Stone Products

Piedrafina Marble, Inc., initially incorporated as Pedrafina Marble, Inc. in 2012, has positioned itself as a significant player in the marble distribution industry, with its principal office nestled in Stockton, California.
March 27, 2024

Paragon Industries, Inc. (DBA Bedrosians Tile & Stone) Neglected the Health and Safety of Workers

Paragon Industries, operating under the trade name Bedrosians Tile and Stone since its incorporation in California in 1974, has long been recognized as a key player in the tile and stone industry.
March 20, 2024

Pacific Shore Stones, LLC Disregarded Worker Safety

Pacific Shore Stones, LLC, a prominent player in the stone distribution industry since its inception in California in January 2005, has positioned itself as a paragon of quality and service in the realm of stone distribution across the United States....
March 13, 2024

Gramar Stone Center, Inc. Downplayed the Risks of Producing Artificial Stone Products

Gramar Stone Center, Inc., established in 2001 and based in Anaheim, California, has positioned itself as a leading wholesaler of natural and artificial stone products in the U.S. Despite its wide selection and international sourcing, the company’s approach to consumer and worker safety, specifically regarding its artificial stone products like quartz, raises significant concerns.
March 8, 2024

Francini, Inc. Compromised Artificial Stone Workers Safety for Their Own Gains

Francini Inc., established in 1994 and headquartered in Sun Valley, Southern California, has grown to become a major player in the natural and engineered stone product distribution industry in the United States. With multiple locations across the country and ties...
March 5, 2024

Camp Lejeune Claims Deadline Approaching

Over the last two years we have all seen advertisements on television notifying us that between 1953 to 1987, the drinking water at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina was contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals, causing various diseases, including certain cancers, kidney conditions, and neurological disorders in Marines, their family members, and civilian workers stationed or working at the base.