Anyone who has been injured or made ill due to asbestos exposure is entitled to the compensation necessary to rectify the situation. Although it is impossible to accurately forecast the exact amount of these compensations, a veteran attorney can provide guidance.

The reality is that each person's experience is unique. Contrary to common misconception, there is not a single class action lawsuit or similar fund that you can seek recovery. You will need to file an individual lawsuit for personal injury or wrongful death, often in conjunction with a workers' compensation claim, and submit claims to various asbestos bankruptcy trusts, all with the goal of securing payments for your specific losses. A skilled attorney at Brayton Purcell LLP can evaluate your case and help you seek the compensation you are entitled to.

Seeking reimbursement through personal lawsuits or workers' compensation claims

In cases where asbestos exposure occurred in the workplace, these scenarios will typically involve a workers' compensation insurance claim. These claims are intended to ensure payment for all essential medical treatment, in addition to compensation for all income lost as a result of the inability to work. A person may also have the option of seeking reimbursement through a lawsuit, assisted by a competent attorney.

Explore Compensation Alternatives for Your Mesothelioma Case with a Committed Attorney

If you or a family member has contracted mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure, you are entitled to fair compensation for your damages. The sources of these payments may vary depending on the conditions of exposure. A knowledgeable attorney can help you understand the potential compensation for a mesothelioma case and collaborate with you to seek justice. Contact our firm today to get started.