Mortuary and crematory malpractice cases can present the most shocking practices in an industry that portrays itself as caring. It can be devastating to learn that the funeral home you trusted to perform proper and dignified services did the contrary. If you have found yourself or your loved ones in this situation, do not hesitate to contact a mortuary malpractice lawyer. A dedicated member of our team could help you understand your options for legal recourse.



  • 在防腐处理之前从死者身上获取器官出售给生物供应公司;
  • 从死者口中盗取金馅进行转售;
  • 火葬时尸体混在一起,陌生人的火化遗骸永远混在一起;
  • 将火化后的遗体弃置在公墓花坛中,而不是将遗体撒入大海;
  • 在没有适当冷藏的情况下以有损尊严的方式储存尸体;
  • 将死者火化遗骸的一部分冲入下水道,以清理拙劣的火葬场;
  • 丢失的火化遗体存放在太平间金库中。

The mortuary malpractice attorneys at Brayton Purcell LLP helped confirm the rights of people to sue for damages whenever their loved one or close friend is the victim of the desecration of funeral home services. The California Supreme Court decision in Christensen v. Superior Court (1991); 54 Cal.3d 868 remains the leading case authority establishing these rights.

我们在涉及殡葬服务和火葬处理不当的案件中取得了全国最高的判决和和解。这包括对殡仪馆的惩罚性赔偿,因为该殡仪馆丢失了家庭亲人的火化遗体,并试图将损失归咎于其中一名家庭成员( May L. Conway v. Gates, Kingsey & Gates (1992);案件号 1997)。 WEC 113827,洛杉矶高等法院,加利福尼亚州)。



If you believe that the remains of a member of your family have been mistreated, please do not hesitate to contact Brayton Purcell LLP today for a free consultation. A mortuary malpractice lawyer at our office could assess your case and walk you through your options for seeking justice.