Ozempic®, Wegovy®, Rybelsus®, and Mounjaro™ have been investigated for failing to warn that these popular diabetes drugs, which are also gaining popularity for aiding in weight loss, are causing gastroparesis, which is a paralysis of the stomach. A drug injury attorney can help with a claim.

胃轻瘫被定义为一种减慢或停止食物从胃到小肠的运动的疾病。胃轻瘫会干扰正常消化,导致恶心、腹胀、呕吐和腹痛。 Ozempic®、Wegovy®、Rybelsus® 和 Mounjaro™ 的制造商没有包含关于使用这些药物的人胃轻瘫风险增加的警告,这使他们面临潜在的责任。

Mounjaro™、Rybelsus® 和 Ozempic® 是 FDA 批准的糖尿病药物,而 Wegovy® 是 FDA 批准的专门用于减肥的药物。 Brayton Purcell 目前正在调查涉及诺和诺德和礼来公司生产的这些药物的案件,这些药物符合以下标准:

  • 潜在客户年龄必须为 75 岁或以下
  • 潜在客户必须服用过药物或注射过药物
  • 潜在客户必须在服用这些药物期间或停止使用后 30 天内被诊断为胃轻瘫、胃麻痹或胃梗阻
  • 潜在客户必须在服用这些药物期间或停止使用后 30 天内经历过长时间呕吐
  • 潜在客户必须需要急诊室就诊或入院

When you believe you or someone you know has experienced gastroparesis or other severe side effects as a result of taking Ozempic®, Wegovy®, Rybelsus®, and Mounjaro™ and are considering legal action, we strongly recommend consulting with us regarding how we can assist you.