While mesothelioma is incurable, medical advances exist that provide hope for victims and their family members. Brayton Purcell LLP, is a Northern California-based law firm that focuses on representing clients suffering from mesothelioma and other diseases caused by asbestos exposure throughout the United States. It was established by trial attorneys who combine experience and success with a thorough knowledge of the disease and challenges involved in trying complex cases.

Cutting-Edge Gene Therapy Treatment

While still in its infancy, gene therapy is a new treatment that accesses the genetic code that predisposes cells to become cancerous when exposed to asbestos and those resilient to cancer. Assumptions that genes are complete upon birth are now being proven wrong. Smoking and certain foods affect DNA and change the genetic code.

Gene therapy comes in two forms:

  • Knockout gene therapy helps fight mesothelioma by assaulting the genes prone to tumors and preventing them from forming.
  • Replacement gene therapy replaces a damaged or missing gene with a normal gene that regulates cell growth and division and suppresses tumor growth.

Mesothelioma gene therapy is not completely safe and risks exist. However, the short life spans following a mesothelioma diagnosis motivate victims to participate in this still experimental process.

At Brayton Purcell LLP, we encourage our clients to explore all options in the treatment of a deadly disease. While they pursue proven or experimental medical care, we handle all aspects of their cases. Regardless of the outcome of gene therapy or other alternative therapies, negligent parties must be held accountable for life-changing and life-ending asbestos exposure.

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