Hip replacements are often recommended for those who have joint stiffness, pain, or swelling but want to maintain an active lifestyle. Artificial hip replacement systems consist of three parts: a femoral head, a modular neck, and a femoral stem. Unfortunately, we have seen a high failure rate in the modular neck components from the Wright Medical ProFemur system. For many who have received these hip replacements, the modular neck is unexpectedly breaking a few years after the initial replacement surgery. There are no symptoms or warning signs to indicate that the artificial modular neck will break.

Fixing a Modular Neck Fracture

If a modular neck component spontaneously breaks, it requires emergency surgery to remove and replace the hip. This process can be long and painful. It may require multiple surgeries in the future, a lot of recovery time, and the financial burden will be pressing. Additionally, if you have recently had a hip replacement with a Wright modular neck, there is a strong possibility your hip replacement system also has metal on metal parts, which could create more complications. If this is the case, a Wright modular neck fracture lawyer could guide you through an injury claim.

Titanium Alloy and Cobalt Chrome

From 2000 to 2009, the ProFemur modular necks distributed by Wright Medical were made from a titanium alloy. During this period, Wright Medical received reports of modular neck failures. In response, Wright Medical began to distribute and market ProFemur necks manufactured from a cobalt chrome alloy in 2009. However, despite the change in materials, the cobalt chrome modular necks continued to fracture at the neck-stem junction. On August 7, 2015, the ProFemur Varus/Valgus cobalt chrome neck, part number PHAC 1254, was recalled from the market due to “an unexpected rate of fractures”.

Call a Wright Modular Neck Fracture Attorney

If you or a loved one experienced a fracture in the modular neck component of your hip replacement system, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact a Wright modular neck fracture lawyer to get started.