Liliana Nini Carbone

I am the daughter of an Italian immigrant and an American Army brat; my father’s parents grew up in Southern Italy and in Buenos Aires, Argentina, while my mother’s parents grew up in coal country West Virgina. I was raised across coasts and countries: in Chicago, Honolulu, and Southern Italy. Like so many, my familial and personal background had an important influence on the way I grew to understand my place in, and responsibility, to the world around me.

I see my community as a global one, that is defined more by shared dreams and stories and needs, and not as a community defined by geography, language, or politic. I believe this background has made me more curious, open-minded, and adventurous, and my choice of studies and career are firmly rooted in my desire to be of service to the places and people that shaped me.

What motivated/inspired you to become an attorney?

I have always been curious about finding a way to make myself useful to a cause, a profession, and my community. Ultimately, I believe that my journey into the law came from my aspiration to be useful to as big of a community as possible.

In high school and college, my choice of extracurriculars and studies were frequently centered on advocacy. In high-school, I was the 2-Time State Champion in Lincoln & Douglas debate, a one-on-one competitive debate that centers on philosophical questions of how to resolve social challenges. In college, I majored in Political Science and Philosophy, and volunteered with at-risk youth and adolescent wards of the state. My love for community was driving me to understand and confront social injustice, and soon I decided that becoming a lawyer would allow me to apply my skills to my passions.

While in law school at Santa Clara Law, I had the opportunity to participate in the International Human Rights Clinic. This clinic allowed me to participate in a project with another clinic member, where we wrote an Amicus Brief to the International Court of Human Rights on behalf of a plaintiff in El Salvador. After two summers in a row of volunteering and interning with immigrations clinics and firms, this experience demonstrated for me that I my passion for social justice was not limited to immigration: I wanted to find my way into a career of plaintiffs' side civil litigation, so that I could advocate for clients of various backgrounds who were confronted by severe injustice at the hands of corporations and governments.

At Brayton Purcell I work in the Artificial Stone group, working on behalf of fabricators and installers of artificial stone products who have been diagnosed with a deadly, incurable disease called silicosis. It is inspiring to have the opportunity to help these individuals and their family hold companies, who made the decision to value their profit over the safety of the people who work on their products, accountable for the injustice our clients endure. As a new lawyer, I am driven to learn from the incredible team of lawyers at Brayton Purcell, to become as useful to this community of clients as I can.

What are your hobbies and interests? 

My personal background also includes a penchant for adventure. I am (or was) a PADI certified Open-Water Scuba Diving instructor, with hundreds of dives under my belt. I am also a black belt in Taekwondo and have trained in Kumdo—an ancient Korean sword fighting martial art. Whenever I am back home in Honolulu, you can find me on strenuous hikes along high-ridges and following steep jungle trails to waterfalls.

I also love to listen to podcasts and read philosophy, crime mysteries, and the occasional sci-fi.


Santa Clara University 

  • J.D. – 2023

Allegheny College

  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. 2018

Professional Associations

  • American Bar Association

Bar Admission

  • California - 2024

Current Employment Position

  • Associate

What Our Clients Say

  • Brayton Purcell has done a lot of work for me and I appreciate very much what you’ve done, what everyone has done…Thank you very, very much and I appreciate everything that has been done.
  • I just wanted to thank you so very much for all the work that you’ve done for us. This has allowed me to help my daughter an awful lot…This allowed me to buy her her first home, also put away a savings bond and started a little annuity for her. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this had you not worked so hard to get the monies that you did. I just want to let you know I really appreciate it.
  • On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude for the way your firm handled my late husband’s case. Everyone that I dealt with was courteous, patient, and prompt in responding to my questions and concerns. Thank you very much for the excellent job, and most of all for your support during the process. Your guidance and the resolution to our case has brought closure to a difficult chapter in my life.
  • When The Brayton-Purcell Firm took my case I had almost given up hope of ever getting before a jury. I had a difficult and long standing case and had already been with two firms. Brayton-Purcell attorney Jason Rose worked closely with me, keeping me updated and giving me access to him which gave me a feeling of having someone truly on my side; a feeling that they were putting their whole effort into my case. Just getting this case a court date was an amazing feat. When we went to trial I met Gil Purcell and watched these two work professionally against great odds. They knew what they were doing, knew how to adapt to issues as they came up and all the while helped me hold up. We received a terrific verdict and are now in the appeal process. I have confidence that the Brayton-Purcell appellate team will be as competent and compassionate for me as my trial team was. Coming together with this firm has brought me a sense of confidence and peace that I wasn’t sure I was going to get a chance to feel.
  • I’d like to thank Brayton & Purcell for all the work your firm has done for me. I have asbestosis and without Brayton Purcell representing me the likelihood of getting compensated by asbestos manufacturers and the material suppliers of asbestos products would be zero. The law partners who run the show already know this, but I am going to write it down anyway. Every contact I had with anyone at Brayton Purcell LLP be it phone, fax, email and or personally, I’ve been treated courteously and promptly by your great employees.
  • From my first contact with your firm, I have been treated with respect, compassion, and in a most professional manner. …Nothing will ever take away this pain of loss but the settlement will help provide since I have health problems and am unable to work.
  • Your work has allowed us to continue to live our lives without fear of financial ruin and to be able to plan a future. . .
  • . . .Thank you for all you have done for me and for Bill before he died. You have been so caring. . .