From asbestos-containing building material to naturally occurring asbestos, New York is one of the most dangerous states in terms of asbestos exposure.

For years, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority pumped asbestos-filled air into a bus depot in East New York for decades, exposing thousands of people without their knowledge. Every air vent of the bus depot was lined with an asbestos-laced cloth, used to make the air vents less noisy by reducing vibrations.




During World War II, the New York Navy Yard was located in Brooklyn. Before being established as a military shipyard, it was used to build merchant ships.


尽管自 20 世纪 80 年代以来石棉的使用量显着减少,但大量船舶仍然含有石棉来绝缘锅炉、管道、垫圈和填料。造船厂工人在修理和大修活动期间仍然非常容易接触石棉。

9/11 悲剧



It has been reported that 1,187 people (439 rescue/recovery workers and 748 general public) have been diagnosed with three different types of cancers between 2007 and 2008. A total of 10,000 people were diagnosed with cancer linked to 9/11.

客户收到 9 月 11 日受害者救济基金的付款

由 Brayton Purcell LLP 代表的加利福尼亚州诺瓦托市的一个家庭从 9 月 11 日受害者救济基金获得了超过 200 万美元的赔偿。 Brayton Purcell LLP 代表该家庭参与了一项公益活动,该活动是审判律师关怀 (TLC) 计划的一部分。 TLC 是一家由志愿审判律师组成的非营利组织,为 9 月 11 日受害者提供法律服务。


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