Elderly Diagnosed with Mesothelioma Should File a Claim ASAP

Older individuals who have developed Mesothelioma should not ignore the possibility of receiving some compensation for their disease. Mesothelioma is a form of cancer caused by asbestos exposure. This cancer often leads to the deaths of those who develop it.

The asbestos exposure occurred over a wide range of industries and many different products. The companies that used asbestos earned significant revenue from those products and it is only fair and just that they return some of that income to those who wind up dying of a disease caused by their products.

Many older victims and their families may feel uncomfortable speaking with an attorney submitting a claim for compensation. They may feel it’s too late to file a claim, or that is just the way things happened.

It is important to recognize an important element in the regulation of dangerous or defective products is by ordinary citizens bringing product liability lawsuits. Some companies calculate the damage they cause by their products as just one more “cost of doing business.”

This “cost” is borne by real people and their families who suffer significant, life-altering, and in the worst cases, life ending, injuries, all so some amorphous multi-national corporation can report a favorable revenue report to their shareholders.

The former Soviet Union has thousands of horrific examples of environmental pollution that have caused untold numbers of people in that county to suffer diseases ranging from birth defects in the young to cancers in the elderly.

This was in part due to the lack of an effective trial bar, with lawyers who could sue and stop industries from untrammeled pollution. In the United States, much change has been brought about by individuals standing up and demanding compensation for their injuries.

Source: SFGate, “Mesothelioma Victims Center Urges Family Members of Older Citizens Diagnosed with Mesothelioma…,” November 2, 2012