Warning to Artificial Stone Fabrication Workers: Deceptive Advertisements Regarding Silica Exposure Claims

Important Information Regarding Stone Silicosis Lawsuits and Compensation:

Artificial stone fabrication workers diagnosed with silicosis are seeing misleading advertisements promoting “free 5 minute” “silica exposure claim compensation,” “national silicosis claims,” and “class action silicosis claims.” These advertisements promise quick and easy financial compensation, but they are deceptive and misleading.

Here are the key facts you need to know:

  • There is no “free 5-minute claim” for silicosis. All legitimate silicosis claims require thorough investigation and that an actual lawsuit be filed.
  • Many companies running these advertisements are not law firms. They may be marketing firms or lead generators who then try to sell your information.
  • Stone Silicosis compensation is only possible through individual lawsuits or workers’ compensation claims. There is no nationwide or statewide class action lawsuit for silicosis.  There is no claims processing center.
  • Seeking legal assistance from a law firm that actually files stone silicosis lawsuits is crucial.   Contact Brayton Purcell LLP for a free consultation or call (855) 715-0242.  Another trusted resource is the Stone Silicosis Center at (866) 891-7621.  They can connect you with experienced legal professionals specializing in stone silicosis cases.

Additional Important Points:

  • Time limits exist. Each state has statutes of limitations that restrict the time to file a lawsuit. Missing these deadlines will jeopardize your legal rights.
  • Signing up with a “free claim” company will not protect your rights. Only filing an individual lawsuit before the deadline can ensure that you may receive compensation.
  • Experienced law firms can help. Look for firms with a proven track record of successfully filing and litigating silicosis cases.  The list is very short.  At  Brayton Purcell LLP (855) 715-0242 we have filed, and are actively litigating to verdict, numerous artificial stone lawsuits for fabrication workers with silicosis and other diseases.  If you ask one of those “free claim” companies how many actual artificial stone fabrication worker lawsuits they have actually filed, if honest, their answer will be “zero”.


  • Silicosis is a serious medical condition. Seeking medical attention and legal advice is essential for protecting your health and rights.
  • Be wary of misleading advertisements. Do not rush into any decisions without proper information and legal guidance.  Signing up with an advertiser does not protect your statute of limitations, only the actual filing of a lawsuit in court will do that.
  • Seek help from trusted resources. The Stone Silicosis Center at (866) 891-7621 is another trusted and valuable resource for connecting you with medical resources and with experienced legal professionals.