Product Recall: Georgia Boot Steel-Toed Work Shoes

by Brayton Purcell LLP | Apr 28, 2014 | Product Recalls |

While not as official as an Army or Navy uniform, many blue collar workers of different trades require special clothing and shoes to perform the duties of their jobs. Hardhats and steel-toed boots are just two of the staples that every construction worker should wear every day on the job. brown work bootsThe safety that these products are supposed to provide to workers is necessary to their physical and mental health, so it is always upsetting to hear about such a product failing to protect those precious lives. Luckily, no incidents or injuries were reported in the steel-toed shoes recalled by Rocky Brands, even though they were shown to fail to protect the wearer’s feet when compressed. “The recalled shoes are six-inch tall, brown leather, steel-toed shoes with dark brown padding at the ankles sold under the Georgia Boot brand name. On the outward side, the boots have a tag with the words “Met-Guard” at the stitching and the Georgia Boot logo near the heel. A white label on inside of the tongue of the recalled boots have the Georgia Boot logo, the product number “G9075″ on the left side, a date code between 01-12 and 10-13 in the MM-YY format on the right side, and the words ‘Men’s Georgia Metatarsal 6″ Brown.’ ”If you purchased a pair of Rocky Brand’s Georgia Boot Steel-Toed Work Shoes, you can contact Rocky Brands for a free pair of replacement shoes.