The Continuing and Catastrophic Consequences of Talc-Based Products

Johnson & Johnson, specifically their famed Baby Powder, has been the target of the majority of 16,000 talc-related mesothelioma lawsuits that resulted in adverse, multi-million dollar verdicts. But, there are other manufacturers of talc-based products also facing lawsuits due to the asbestos in their products.

A Harsh Spotlight on Revlon

Revlon Inc., an industry giant, known for skincare, cosmetics and fragrance products, is now the subject of a $65 million lawsuit filed by the daughter of a former employee. She claims that her recent mesothelioma diagnosis resulted from her use of their products, one introduced 85 years ago, only to be shelved.

Talc is known as the softest of all minerals, yet it has the hardest of consequences. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has continuously called for purifying the product houses in mines to counter any presence of asbestos. Yet, a lack of regulation combined with a powerless FDA leaves the authority to set standards to individual companies who market the products.

Contamination continues without an end in sight. Three years after the discovery of asbestos-laced makeup sold by Claire’s, known for marketing to younger women, 2020 started with the discovery of asbestos fibers in toy makeup kits.

An outright ban on asbestos in the United States remains elusive. As long as private companies continue their seeming indifference, consumers of all ages stay at risk.