Making a Difference after Diagnosis

How did you deal with finding out about your disease related to asbestos exposure? No matter if you were diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer, or something different, many victims wonder how they can make a difference in other patients’ lives before their own time is up.

sunflowers with quote

On this year’s Mesothelioma Awareness Day, activists and victims came forward to Capitol Hill to voice their concerns about the deadly substance and the diseases it causes.

“The Foundation and its volunteers believe that educating the public about mesothelioma, the lives it affects and the lives it has taken, the lack of funding for mesothelioma research, and the need for effective treatments is an important step in engaging society’s help in eradicating this cancer and the suffering caused by it.”

Some survivors start blogging about their struggles with their diseases to spread awareness, and others face the asbestos corporations responsible for their exposure in the court room. No matter how you step up and make a difference, know that you are not alone.

Ban Asbestos. Cure Cancer. Spread Awareness.

Original Image “Sunflower” by mrhayata, modified under CC-BY-SA