Ikea Recalls Furniture

furniture in a living roomMany people love Ikea’s convenient and low-cost furniture items. However, some of those pieces could end up causing bodily harm or even death to children. Two of Ikea’s popular lines of drawers have been recalled because of the danger they pose to consumers.

Ikea and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued several recalls over the last 10 years. Ikea’s MALM line of chests and dressers have been responsible for several deaths of children. Children can become trapped under the dressers if they are not properly secured to the wall, resulting in injury or death. The MALM line has been linked to the deaths of nine children in the United States so far. Ikea paid $50 million to settle three of those claims.

Additionally, the KULLEN line of chests have also been recalled for fear of them tipping over on children and causing harm. They may tip over and injure children if not secured to the wall like the MALM line.

One California family was unaware of the recall and tragically lost their 2-year-old son due to an Ikea MALM product in 2017. In early 2020, the family reached a $46 million settlement with Ikea.

Ikea also agreed to promote the recall for the MALM line more in hopes that harm would not come to anyone else on behalf of their products.