Asbestos products were frequently used in many industries including shipyards, paper mills, oil refineries, and military bases. Asbestos is known to have been used in California shipyards such as Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco, Mare Island Naval Shipyard near Vallejo, Naval Station 32nd Street, San Diego, and Long Beach Naval Shipyard and civilian shipyards owned and operated by Triple A Shipyard, Todd Shipyards, Moore Drydock, Bethlehem Steel Shipyards, and Kaiser Shipyards.  Asbestos products such as gaskets, packing, insulation, decking and flooring materials were used in the construction and repair of military and commercial vessels at these shipyards that traveled around the world.

Many veterans who worked at shipyards and California military bases may have also unknowingly exposed their family members to second-hand workplace asbestos exposure.

California Energy Industries and Asbestos

California has many oil refineries and offshore platforms. Additionally, California has many power plants. Both oil refineries and power plants have historically used extensive amounts of asbestos-containing material.

Asbestos Mines in California

heavy-duty mining equipment in a mineNot only does asbestos exposure happen at military bases, oil refineries, and power plants, asbestos is found in the ground in California, and has been mined in the state as early as 1887. Even the California state rock – serpentine, contains asbestos. Naturally-occurring asbestos in the state of California is most abundant around Humboldt, San Benito, and Monterey counties.

Asbestos miners and raw fiber processers in California were at high risk of developing an asbestos-related illness like mesothelioma. Asbestos is also found in other types of mines in California, like gold, talc, and coal. Asbestos mined in California often made its way to processing plants and finished products on the east coast.

During the industry boom during World War II, the demand for asbestos increased and existing plants and mines were expanded; and production for asbestos-containing materials like asbestos-cement construction materials, insulation materials, and composition flooring, and stucco and drywall accessory products was also increased in California.

Top 25 Most Dangerous Sites for Asbestos Exposure in California

  • Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo CA
  • Long Beach Naval Shipyard, Long Beach CA
  • Triple A Machine Shop (Pier 64), San Francisco CA
  • Exxon (Humble Oil) Refinery, Benicia CA
  • Standard Oil/Chevron USA, Richmond CA
  • Shell Oil Refinery, Martinez CA
  • Union Oil / Unocal, Rodeo/Oleum CA
  • Bethlehem Shipyard (Pier 70), San Francisco CA
  • Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco CA
  • Tosco Corp., Avon CA
  • Todd Shipyard, Alameda CA
  • Triple A Machine Shop – Hunters Point, San Francisco CA
  • Todd Shipyard, San Pedro CA
  • Kaiser Shipyard, Richmond CA
  • Sacomo Manufacturing Company, San Francisco CA
  • Hunters Point Powerhouse / Station P (PG&E), San Francisco CA
  • California Shipbuilding Corp., Terminal Island/San Pedro/Wilmington CA
  • Standard Oil/Chevron, El Segundo CA
  • Pacific Ship Repair (Pier 36), San Francisco CA
  • Union Oil, Wilmington CA
  • Naval Air Station Alameda, Alameda CA
  • PG&E, Moss Landing CA
  • Moore Dry Dock Co., Oakland CA
  • Naval Station (32nd St), San Diego CA
  • Bethlehem Steel Shipbuilding, Terminal Island/San Pedro/Los Angeles CA

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