Public Justice 31st Annual Gala Awards and Dinner

We are happy to announce that Brayton Purcell ‘s own Al Brayton has been awarded the Public Justice Foundation’s 2013 Champion of Justice award. He proudly accepted the award at the 31st Annual Gala and Awards Dinner in San Francisco on July 23, 2013.

At the Public Justice Foundation’s 31st Annual Gala & Awards Dinner in San Francisco, Alan R. Brayton won the Champion of Justice Award, and Matthew Coyte and Jack Jacks were awarded the 2013 Trial Lawyers of the Year Award.


As Executive Director Arthur Bryant said in his speech about Brayton,

One of the country’s top asbestos lawyers, Al spends his life fighting for workers and their families injured and killed by corporations. Nationally renowned for his innovative legal strategies and shrewd negotiations, he battles for justice, both through his firm, Brayton Purcell, and through Public Justice — and he wins.

For over a decade, Brayton has co-sponsored a fellowship for new lawyers to work at Public Justice. In 2004, his generosity helped launched the Access to Justice Campaign. He has repeatedly won awards for recruiting the most new members, and the most women and minority members. In short, for years he has generously supported of all aspects of Public Justice and the Public Justice Foundation.

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