Alan Brayton Appointed To Prestigious NJC Board of Trustees

Founding and Senior Partner, Alan R. Brayton, was selected to be a member of the National Judicial College (NJC) Board of Trustees. Mr. Brayton was officially appointed to the Board at the June Trustee meeting in Reno, Nevada.
As a Trustee, Mr. Brayton will be furthering NJC’s mission of advancing justice through judicial education. Nearly 50 years ago, the judges and lawyers came together to create the NJC to address the educational needs of our nation’s judiciary. Today, the NJC stands as a testament to the thousands of judges who have come to the College seeking to enhance their professional skills. The College’s golden anniversary year will be in 2013, during Mr. Brayton’s tenure on the Board.

The NJC’s Board of Trustees sets policy, fosters a climate of excellence, promotes the development of innovative judicial education programs and provides leadership in achieving the NJC’s mission. Trustees are dedicated individuals from diverse fields encompassing the law and the judiciary, as well as business and corporate areas. Congratulations to Al Brayton on his appointment to the prestigious National Judicial College’s Board of Trustees.