Volkswagen Announces Recalls as Auto Industry Struggles with Quality

The problem of mass recalls is not unique to the American auto industry. Recently Volkswagen announced it is recalling 37,979 later model cars do to a faulty sealing cap that has the potential to start a fire should it leak.

cars in a parking garage

The affected vehicles are some 2014 and 2015 Jettas, Passats, Beetles, and 2015 Golf and GTI hatchbacks. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety administration if the sealing cap fails, fuel could leak into the engine compartment. If it hits a spark or other ignition source, a fire could result.

These and other high profile recalls from major auto manufacturers should put consumers on alert to ensure they keep apprised of any issues that may affect the safety of their vehicle. In addition, it raises questions about the quality control process automakers use to prevent these issues. These recalls should lead to an evaluation of the decision making process behind when to initiate recalls and how to quickly effect them before lives are lost.