Supporting Loved Ones with Mesothelioma

Are you wondering how you can help a loved one affected by mesothelioma? Dealing with any illness can seem overwhelming, even if you are not the one diagnosed. It is important for parents, caregivers, family, and friends too remain compassionate and supportive without overwhelming themselves, because let’s face it – cancer is a scary thing.

Get Organized – If you are caretaking for your loved one affected by mesothelioma, you are probably driving them to appointments and measuring out prescriptions alongside other activities that you might never have seen yourself doing before.

Get organized with daily, weekly, and monthly planners, write questions down in notepads, make lists…do anything that helps keep you from feeling overwhelmed and overextended.

Provide Support – You plan to be physically there with your loved one, but don’t forget to provide emotional support as well. Listen to your loved one, and engage in the conversation. Take them to mesothelioma support groups, and even attend with them if they would like.

Take Care of Necessities – Basic errands and chores can seem extremely overwhelming to a mesothelioma patient. Driving to the grocery store, walking outside to get the mail, and other simple tasks are defeated by the fatigue caused by mesothelioma and its treatments. Aid your loved one with these chores.

You may find yourself helping to take care of life’s other necessities: eating, dressing, and bathing your loved one.

Take Care of Yourself – Being a caretaker can seem like a full time job (plus overtime). Don’t forget to recognize your own needs and feelings. After all, you cannot help anyone if you don’t first help yourself! Consider a support group specifically for caregivers or family members of affected individuals.

Are you preparing to support a loved one diagnosed with mesothelioma? It can seem like a difficult job, but you will quickly find that compassion, love, and support will flow through you with the littlest of ease. Let us know how you prepare for such a task in a comment below.